January 13, 2010

the count down is on! :)

see you in a month, mexico!
in one month, i will be going to mexico (mayan riviera) with a group of my bestest friends, to be a bridesmaid for a dear friend of mine, miss heather ♥
i've travelled so much in my life, but have yet to go to an all inclusive (well i have but i was like 14 so it's not the same!) i am so looking forward to a relaxing week in the sun with some of my favourite people ever, not to mention a week of partyingggg!. although, i do really wish my man was coming - i'll be without him on valentine's day (awwww).
we're going from feb 13th-20th
& staying in an incredible 5 star resort

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  1. jealous!! mexico is my favorite :)
    I can't believe you have been to Thailand!!
    My dad was there for a couple of years and dreams of going back there and just staying there I think :)
    you are too flipping cool!!


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