January 6, 2010

cute overload

cute everything! ♥
i had a lovely day today
 & since i am so chipper and smiley...
my post is inspired with lots of cute!
my favourite thing in the world, cute everything!

photo's from weheartit and google

teapots are love.
i love mickey, and minnie. and cupcakes.
minnie, in balloon form. i know right?
drew & ellen. i loved whip it!
you got it. tea gets me through the work day.
polka dots! yes.
ellen, on a cute bike.
chuck + blair. duh ♥
this owl is cute, so is this girl
the cutest way to propose, ever.
everything to do with the movie up, i love.

peter pan can!
cupcake courier, amazing. i got one for christmas :)


  1. Aw I love this post so much!! So very cute! I love the cute Peter Pan pic and all the Up pics!

  2. One of my former co-workers actually proposed to his girlfriend with cupcakes! They have a tradition of going to the cupcake shop by their house on Sundays, and he arranged it so that they would go in at a specific time and the baker put a tray of cupcakes that said "will you marry me jackie?" in the display case at the counter!!

  3. where are those cupcake carriers frrrroooom?! I can never find them!


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