January 8, 2010

friday, i love you.

happy friday, my cupcakes!
ohhh friday, i am so glad you're here.
i hope everyone had a good day/week.
today is hot as f$$k friday:)
i haven't done this segment in a while, but today's total babe is ;
emile hirsch
how adorable, right?
i'm crushin'..
i'm currently snuggled up in bed in my new cupcake bathrobe (so soft)
& i am going to have a little power nap!

ohhhh and since i have been slacking on this too, i am bringing back my cupcake of the day!

omfg how amazing is this? i'd wear it every day if i could.


  1. have you seen into the wild?! it's amazing. he doesn't look so hot towards the end. but still great movie. also, that dress.. amazing!

  2. Hope you dont mind me commenting on your blog but I wanted to let you know that I think its great! I love how positive you are :)

  3. @carrie - i knowwww eh?

    @rosie - YES, i have seen it. that's where i fell in love. such a cool movie!!! yesss, i love the dress.

    @cherry - of course i don't mind, i love comments!! thank you for your kind words, being positive is the way to go!



you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)