January 27, 2010

from me to you.

girls rule!
duh :)

in the last couple years, i have grown to absolutely love and adore these artists.
girls are totally on the top of the music scene right now, and i couldn't be happier!
i think it's amazing.
and i think each of these girls are amazing, in their own unique and talented way.
please check them out!
(if you haven't already)

taylor swift!

the pipettes!

lilly allen!
kate nash!
katy perry!
lady gaga!
tegan & sara!
la roux!
jenny lewis!
she & him!
amy winehouse!
emily haines!
the grates!
regina spektor!

ps; please read & comment on my post below!


  1. I think Taylor Swift is beautiful.
    Love She and Him. Zoey Deschanel is amazing.
    Adele... mmmmm. love her voice.
    Feist is terrific.
    and Regina Spektor = adorablely cute and quirky.
    Definitly a great representation of females in the music industry. :)

  2. The Pipettes! Jenny Lewis! She & Him! Love! Love! Love! Ever listened to The Watson Twins? Awesome as well :)

  3. I agree whole heartedly! And you know me... I looooooooooooooooove me some Taylor Swift.
    How did you like Jersey Boys? I'm going to see it tomorrow.

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  5. Sorry that was me before speaking jumble....i love Lily Allen, Kate Nash, Kate Perry and Lady GaGa. Haven't heard of some of the others so going to check them out now :) xx


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