January 28, 2010

it's reallllllllly cold out

is january over yet?
actually, i've had a good month...
i'm just so over january & have a lot to look forward to in february.
my workout goal for january was 15 days, & i am at 14 and going to the gym on saturday so i will succeed in my goal, which is pretty good i think for a start.

i've had a good couple of days.
last night we went bridesmaid dress shopping for my bestfriend's wedding in september!
i'm the maid of honour, and i am beyond excited :)
we found the perfeccccct dresses. we're all getting the same colour & designer but different styles which i think is wonderful. mine is so perfect for me!
so since we had so much success we decided to go see the lovely bones - me and my bff had wanted to see if for a while, and we both read and loved the book!
the movie was actually really good, you should check it out if you're looking to go to the movies soon. & while watching the previews (which i loooove) we saw a preview for the john lennon  movie coming out - nowhere boy
i am honestly beyond excited to see this movie, look at my previous post for the trailer. 
i want to see it so bad. that's my boy!
& i am excited because pete got me the john lennon biography for christmas and i've been saving it for my trip to mexico to read :) yeyeyeye!
* this all reminded me of how badly i want to get my next tattoo (which is obviously beatles related) yeeee.
so, i mentioned a while ago doing a valentine's day swap!
i didn't forget about you gals :) - i just like finding lots of little cute things for them, and it takes me a while to get enough to feel satisfied ♥
i'm making some valentine's day packages for these cute ladies
i'm excited!
speaking of being excited, i got my first of the valentine's packages the other day!
it was from the lovely janel :)
& of course it was filled with the cuuuuutest stuff ever,
thank you SO much janel.
you're such a sweet & creative girl.
if you guys haven't checked out her blog, you gotta!
thank you so much, i lovvved everything <3

there was so much cute stuff all wrapped in a sweet way ;;
she gave me lots of cute & crafty tape, some yummy chocolate, a plush kiss,
an adorable yellow bow, a sweet owl card and a bracelet that says "create" on it:)

today was a good day.
i went to the gym with carly and then we went to hatha yoga,
have you ever been? it's incredible and relaxing.
i read a lot of my book, worked on my snail mail and now i am having a cup of tea in my new favourite mug :) cutesssst! from pete's awesome fam.
made an egg white omlette for dinner,
& now...of to watch a movie with my mom! 
have a good night everyone

honestly guys, how can you not love this? cupcake + a tea pot = possibly the cutest combo ever.


  1. i gotta get going on your valentines package. i am so behind with everything...i can't believe it is almost february already and january is almost over!! eeek!!

  2. Congrats Maid of Honour!!! :) I'm super excited that you are sending me a Valentine package!! :) I've been working on my Valentine cards some more today but tonight is my TV night so they'll have to wait until tomorrow to get finished :) I love the cupcake of the day idea, I think I might steal it and make it cupcake of the week on my blog! If that's okay with you?


  3. Isn't great to open you mailbox and find something other than a bill?! hee hee

    That is the sweetest cupcake ever!! :) what a cute little blog you have here..

    I have a little giveaway going on, open till tomorrow.. Check it out if you have a chance. Take care.

  4. Yay!! I am sooo glad that you got it and that you like everything :)
    love love love that cupcake!!


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