January 10, 2010

peace, pass it on!

pass it on ♥
this cutiepie, is having an amazing give away!
janel is really cool & so is her blog.
what an amazing idea for a giveaway, spreading peace.
i think i am a day late, but still... it's awesome!

all we are saying... is give PEACE a chance.


  1. I love this soooo much and I love you!!
    you are sooo gorgeous :)
    Thank you for sending me the pic.

  2. random question, but did you find it difficult to apply for your cruise line job? how did you go about it? hopefully you don't mind me asking.

  3. @miss wanderlust - awwww my pleasure love. i thought that was the cutest idea ever. loved it!!!

    @anonymous - hey, no i did not! i did everything online and had a long phone interview and webcam chat with them & then it took a little while to get everything ready to go (ie: testing, medical, criminal ref check etc)but it wasn't bad at all!


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