January 4, 2010

sup 2010?

so it's that time of year again, the time we think of all the things we wish we could do or change about ourselves or our lives and write them down in hopes that it'll happen! and what's the harm in trying right? every year i think of things, and instead of calling them resolutions, i prefer the term "goals" - that way when i compile a huge list, of some big and some small, it just seems to make more sense!

2010 goals!

learn a jack johnson song on guitar
learn how to use my sewing machine(&make cute stuff)
get my smart serve
re-new first aid and cpr
save fucking money
move to toronto
buy lottery tickets more often! (&win)
go to new york
watch all episodes of GLEE
play pond hockey!
start healthy eating, and make it a lifestyle
cook more meals (esp healthy ones)
take more baths & just relax & breathe
create an amazing gym playlist, get pumpeddd & fit.
play a game of pool

get more creative with my cupcakes
play pond hockey
make recipes from cook books/cupcake books
watch classic movies i've never seen
go to more concerts!
reserve more time for reading (esp before bed)

use time on work nights to craft or scrapbook
budget, budget, budget
go to the AGO
visit cupcake shops in toronto
get a new job that i love
read/watch educational things

learn more about the world - buy an atlas
have more girls nights/nights out
mow the lawn
fly a kite
go to the grilled cheese restaurant in kensington market!
go to a raptors game
have a martini night.
get my fucking license
get a new tattoo
take up yoga, get mad flexible.

be a better girlfriend.
try new fitness classes at work
slowly try to get rid of some things in my room (de-clutter)
organize organize organize!
make scrapbook of all "cupcake" stuff from working on the cruiseship

finish cruise scrapbooks ; the star, the dawn x2.
organize all my photo's accordingly.
make an artical of clothing or accessory
play squash
send a photo to jones soda
go thrifting more
pull an all nighter
create wall collages  of places i've been & cruiseship photo's
tie a tie
try the special k diet
learn a beatles song on guitar
learn to knit, and knit a scarf

run outside more
go down two dress sizes
go through my clothes/shoes/accessories every 3 months
make pancakes
get more crafty and creative (i will be getting martha stewart living monthly!)

put some $ every pay cheque into savings.
eat breakfast every day (oatmeal! fruit!)
sort through my hope chest
pamper myself more
moisterize every day
have games nights (i love board games)
learn how to play euchre
continue to send letters and packages to friends
make an effort to email and keep in touch with friends abroad

ok, that's all for now
& that's a lot!
i am going to write it down,
& scratch them off one by one (hopefully)


  1. this is such a happy, uplifting list! i need to make one of these... 2010 really crept up on me so i haven't gotten around to it yet! and for the record... the grilled cheese restaurant is very yummy! :)

  2. Huge list! Good luck & remember the most important element: Have fun! ;)


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