February 8, 2010

a cheery monday post.

monday, you're not so bad!

i am excited to start this week..
i have a lot to accomplish & i am excited about it in general.
we had a fun time watching the superbowl.
saints won, so that was good!
we had lots of food & laughs

this week will be busy

+ today going to write my G1 test (again)
sending the last of my valentine's!
dying my hair red, freshening it upppp,
& watching the bachelor

+ going to get a pedicure - my mom got me a gift certificate :)

+ i'm also going to visit my high school one day to see my favourite teacher EVER.

+ start & finish packing for mexico!

+ go to the GYM, atleast 3 times!!

+ go to the mall to get a few more things for my trip

+ toronto "valentine's day" date with pete.

+ getting together with old friends on thursday

+ grandpa's birthday on friday ; getting swiss chalet and of course watching the OLYMPICS!
i am SO excited about them. i am bummed i will miss the first week, but it's so exciting..
it's so cool to see how much canada has come together as a country to support our athletes,
there's olympic buzz everywhere, and i LOVE it & this country!

iggy & sid - oh my god. can't wait to watch this team.
there's a lot to look forward to!
hope you guys are all having a good monday.
say hi!

okay, what is cuter than cupcakes and tea cups? i mean really! oh and HEARTS! i love this:)

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