February 12, 2010

happy olympic day!

hooray for friday!
i feel like there's so much i want to write about today. it's a busy day to be honest.
i'm going to bake a heart shaped cake for my grandpa because today is he actual birthday! he's 88 today! how amazing is that?
i'm also going to go over to the mall to try on a pair of really cute anchor shorts i want, and then i have a pedicure to get at 3:00! eee, can't wait.
tonight my grandpa and grandma are coming over and we're ordering swiss chalet & then watching the opening ceremonies for the olympics!!!
i am SO excited about the olympics.
also - there's a leaf game on tonight, there last one for a few weeks so we'll be watching that. - apparently a bunch of the leafs are going down to mexico over their break! maybe i will be partying with them at my resort. haha, imagine?

do you guys know what today is?
it's hot as f@*k friday!
& today my hottie is;
mark salling ; aka PUCK!♥
okay, i know he's a total jerk on the show but he's SUCH a babe. i can't help but love him.
& don't worry girls. he's 27! he just happens to be playing the part of a highschool kid. hehe

i feel like i still have so much to do!
if i have time later i will post the pictures of my room, because i did finally take some.
oh & i just had to post this - it's my grandpa, with the cupcakes i baked him last weekend when we celebrated his birthday with the rest of the family ;

cutest ever!

i found this on google imagines. it's an olympic cupcake!!! how precious!? i love it.

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  1. Yes Puck is very hot! Although I fancy Matthew Morrison who plays Mr Schuester more!
    And your grandpa is so cute! He looks so happy with his homemade cupcakes! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)