February 23, 2010

it's tuesday.

it's tuesday - know what that means? it's time for ...
a photo that makes me smile ;;

i love this photo! :)
this is me & 2 of my bestest friends ever, fab & jordan.
it was the day after my birthday and the boys stayed over - after trying on a bunch of my dresses in my closet, we had a bbq & then since it was the nicest, sunniest day ever we walked to the mall together. (it takes about 45 mins-to an hour)
the sun was shining & although we were so hungover, we still managed to be the brightest people ever. we ended up being a ball of primary colours together.
it wasn't planned at all. too cute.
i love these two, this picture always makes me smile, and so do they.

i've got lots to do today.
i'm heading over to the mall - i want to get some usb's for all my pictures so i can add my mexico ones, and clear out my computer! i'm also going to get some new photo albums because i'm doing a  big organization of ALL of my pictures, which is a lot.
heading to see grandpa & grandma!
&then - working out, then going to a class at the gym.

tonight - canada vs. germany at 7:30.
i just know they are going to dominate.
i can feel it.

hope everyone is doing well.

ps ; only 10 more followers until my first giveaway
i am getting a button soon! hooray!


  1. Hooray for a giveaway & a BUTTON!! And that pic is adorable, love the glasses :)

  2. such a cute picture!! I love the sunglasses in primary colors!! Yay for blog giveaways!!


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