February 9, 2010

morning tea and toast.

tuesday has never been an overly exciting day of the week for me...
& since that always seems the way, i've started a new blog segment.

so from now on - every tuesday i will post
a photo that makes me smile;;
i know this one is small.. but it's always been one of my favourites. even when i was little. this is me, my daddy, and my two brothers joe and dave. just looking at this photo brings tears to my eyes. my dad looks so healthy, and happy. i especially love this photo because i feel that it really paints a picture of our childhood. although my dad has been gone for 7 years now, i feel so unbelievably blessed that we grew up with a mom and dad who loved eachother, and most of all - loved us. this photo was taken on father's day, a day now that makes my heart sink when i start seeing all of the stores filled with father's day gifts and cards. me & my brothers are holding up the stuff we made for my dad, not to mention that awesome tie my dad is wearing, was made by  yours truly! i guess i was always this crafty!

okay, so there we go - my first picture that makes me smile! & always always will.
* this is why i take so many photo's! people always comment on how often i take them. i love them already, but i think losing my dad made me take even more, so i that i would have memories of all the important things and people in my life. thankfully we've always been a family who have taken lots of pictures, so we have so many amazing ones of him - but in the more recent years with digital cameras and everything - the amount taken has like tripled.

okay, i have to start packing now! i keep saying i am going to and then i never actually start..

on today's agenda!

* picking up contacts from the eye doctor
* going to the mall to get last minute trip stuff
* going to visit with grandma and grandpa
* working out! woohoo!
* packing some more.

happy tuesday!


  1. aw. i love that photo too! you have it sitting on your desk (or maybe bedside table) it's been awhile since i've been in your room...it's probably changed!

    you look so much like your dad ♥

    we have similar tuesdays! i have to go and pick up contacts (for mikey though), do some last minute trip purchases, start making lists for packing (close to packing) and i should be going to the gym...maybe i will!

    love you.

  2. Holy smokes. I'm 100% with Carly. You look JUST like your daddy. <3

  3. @ carly - yessss babes you got it. it is in a different spot now though, hahaha. and thanks carlykins. - it was a decent tuesday, hope yours was a good one boo.

    @jinni - thank youuuu, that makes me smile :)



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