February 7, 2010

sunday's are love.

happy superbowl sunday!
this weekend has been a good one so far!
friday pete and i went downtown for the night. pete took me out for dinner to a place called "hey lucy", it was such a cute place and the food was delicious. after dinner we headed to second city to meet up with some friends to watch one of my oldest friends perform there, he did such an amazing job, it was so funny!
yesterday i baked some cuteeee cuppycakes for my grandpa, since we celebrated his birthday last night at my aunt's house. we had a great dinner, and i drank a lotttt of red wine. the cupcakes were a hit! pete came later on, and we had such a fun night.top 3 reasons the night was so fun
1. the leafs played an incredible game! beat the sens 5-0, jiggy got his second straight shut out as a leaf, we were lovvvving it
2. we got my grandpa a big band cd and we all had a swing dancing party for a while. so cute.
3. SNL was so funny last night! i love that show so much. did anyone watch? ashton hosted, he's so cute. annnnd there was one scene during weekend update where i died laughing. garth & kat doing their valentine's day songs.

today me & my man have just been lounging..
watched the sickest hockey game ever - the crosby // ovy show!
my bff visco is coming over and we're all going to watch the superbowl.
i don't normally watch too much football...
but i do really enjoy watching the superbowl!
now, we're going to make some sweet potato hummus, mmm! i hope it turns out, if so - i will let you know & post the recipe!

hope everyone has a splendid sunday♥


  1. i love football! i'm rooting for the saints, how about you!?

  2. saints too!
    only because i've been to new orleans and loved it! hehe, annnd i want them to win their first one!
    plus, you gave me one more reason to cheer for them!


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