February 3, 2010

things i seriously love ; the 1950's

hi sweetpea's!
happy wednesday!
i had a wonderful day with my boy, but now he's gone and i'm sad.
howeverrrrr - since this is the month of ♥ love ♥
i am doing a few segments on my blog this month, in honour of love & things i loveeee!:)

things i seriously love ; part one.
the 1950's
i have always been so in love with the 50's.
i adore the music, the cute clothes, the houses, the lifestyle, the people, the movies, the hair, the dresses, the diners, the pin up girls, the dancing,  - just everything about that era make me smile. i adore it so much.
if i had one wish, it would honestly be that i could live in that era, oh how much i'd love that.
if i ever get married ; my dream is to have a 1950's wedding,
that's SO me!

all photo's are obvs from here


  1. I adore the 50's and 60's! loved the fashion, music, the food....the atmosphere just looks amazing! love your pics by the way and an adorable blog :)
    Mine is www.thefashiontellersnotes.blogspot.com if you are ever interested :)

    Keep blogging! xxx

  2. Love it! Very cute post, gotta love the '50's. And Marilyn. :)


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