February 9, 2010


all we are saying...
is give peace a chance!

♥ 86 followers! 14 more until my first giveaway everrr :)
♥ get to see two of my favourite people tonight
♥ 4 sleeps until mexico

what are YOU excited about?


  1. i am excited about 13 sleeps until dominican!! eeee. too excited...SOOOO excited!!! :)

    and i am excited about getting my mail (it didn't come today, by the way. i checked like 20 times, haha) also. yours may be a little delayed...i have yet to get to the post/am pretty broke til pay day.

  2. I love that picture! I think you need a blog button so I can put it on my blog! I mailed your Valentine card last week, did you get it yet? I've never mailed anything to Canada before so no idea how long it takes!

    I am excited about getting all my blog friends Valentine's! I'm also excited about possibly going home (they live half way across the country)to visit family next month!


  3. i always read your blog, but i added it just now to put you at 87 followers :D yay.

    i dont post on my anymore... maybe i will someday... but i did when i started on ships... before i realized that i would have no time to do that! haha!

    anyway... im excited for next tuesday, since this weeks LOST just ended!!! ahhh!!

  4. I agree that you need a blog button, you might just be my favorite read! :)

  5. i'm excited about your giveaway and the weekend! it's almost here yay! :D

    I also agree, you need a rad blog button :)


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