March 12, 2010


a gloomy friday.

& unfortunately that's how i'm feeling.
i am kinda happy it's rainy, is that wrong? i mean i love the sun so much, and it's been so incredible lately, but it's nice to have the odd rainy day too.
i don't have much to blog about today.
i need to go make lunch & do something productive.
i'm really excited about tomorrow ; going to toronto & goin' out with some of my besties.
something exciting - 5 followers away from 100!
& since today is friday - i have a super (canadian) hottie for you!
happy hot as f*ck friday everyone, have an amazing weekend :)

ryan reynolds!
you should marry me.
honestly, he is perfect!
not only a total babe, but he seems sickingly likable!


  1. I love Ryan!!! He is so handsome and loved him with Sandra Bullock!! :)

  2. do you remember him in sabrina the teen-age witch? i just saw it last night. and was like, wow. hahah. so good.


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