March 1, 2010

dear jake,
you are a total douche bag.
this is the first time i've ever followed the bachelor...
& i think jake is a total tool. not just because he chose vienna, but because i find him to be a total pansy & totally insincere.


  1. I feel the saaaaaaaame way. I'm so happy Tenley said she wouldn't be happy if she were Vienna because of what Jake and her had aside from his future wife. HA, well deserved blow!

  2. I agree! I hate Jake and Vienna. They can be happy together because they both suck.

  3. @meagan - oh my goddd i was so proud of her when she said that! ugh. brutal choice.

    @impressions - hahahaha, yes! well said!

  4. Am I the only one who liked Gia?

  5. katie, i liked gia too! but i just knew he wouldn't pick her. (because he's a tool)


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