March 23, 2010


rainy tuesday.
what a gloomy day.
but work was good, & i made taco's for dinner!
annnnnd i went to ZUMBA class today, and totally loved it..
what a good workout and a lot of fun. i'll be going to that class again.
now i am watching american idol. i'm kinda into it!
& since it's know what that means!
a photo that makes me smile;;
this is me & my man on our first ever date on "land". we met downtown, for our first hangout in canada (we met while working on a cruise ship!) i suprised pete with getting tickets to a world cup qualifier game in toronto. we had such a great time together. i was so nervous, and it was the most perfect date everrrrrr. :)

ok, also - i need your help.
this weekend when i go to visit carly, we're going to a costume party,
what should i dress up as?


  1. You two are such a good-looking pair!
    Also, how did you make your blog button? I've already made a button, I just need to figure out how to make the part that people can copy. :)

  2. I just heard of zumba today for the first time. I looked it up earlier. It looks really fun but no way I can move my body like that! haha!!

  3. Zumba is fun! Did it a few times. Too bad that the classes are all full.

    Ok so you should dress up as an cupcake :p!!

    Maybe you can find something on this UK site:

    Good luck

  4. The Queen of Tarts :)or the White Queen...or a cupcake.
    What a great picture of the two of can tell you were SO into each look comfortable.
    Zumba...I'll have to look that up :)

  5. Aww, what a romantic love story you have :)
    I agree with the cupcake idea! But maybe not a big puffy cupcake...a sexier version! Have you ever seen that old episode of America's Next Top Model where they dress them up as like ice cream & candy & stuff?? Like that :)

  6. you guys are soooooo cute!
    loved all the ideas:)



you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)