March 8, 2010


so since spring/summer is approaching i kinda want to change my hair!
(not cut it, never! i am loving it nice & long)
but i was thinking of changing the colour soon.
here are some of my past and present colours, what do you like best?

1) i kinda like this one, brown with a blonde peek-a-boo on one side.
2) this is what i have now. brown with some light reddish tinge.
3) a few months ago, darker brown with a darker red.
4) ok, this kinda goes with #1, blonde piece at the side, but it got light over the summer.
5) sun kissed, light all over. i like it when i'm tanned...
6) darrrk brown with a red/orangey piece at the side.

decisions, decisions!


  1. go all blonde!!!

  2. I like #4, it has depth. I see light pieces and dark pieces :) I like it!


  3. #1 or #6.
    I reeeeeaaaaally like the blonde piece in 1, and I'm a fan of the super-dark in 6. Either way they're both good choices and we all know you'll look gorgeous no matter what!
    Keep us posted on what you decide! <3

  4. i love dark hair for the summer, it always looks amazing with a tan!
    i say be more adventurous with a piece of colour underneath... start with blonde, then try a colour you've never had before! when you get sick of it, it's easy to change because it's blonde underneath- that's what i do!


  5. I love them all!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. Mmmm a hard decision!! I think I like #5 the most. But I like what you have know as well. Maybe something totally different would be good.

  7. You are soo pretty :) I like number 1 & number 5 :)

  8. i like you with darker hair!

  9. i am going through this same predicament...haha, story of my life; i ALWAYS am! anyway, YOOOOOU look great no matter what. i think i really love it how it is right now. no, i don't think that...i know that! the dark...maybe through in that blonde peek a boo...that was cute!! really though, anything goes. it's your pretty face people are struck by ♥

  10. also. i don't think you should ever change the cut cause it's 100% perfect right now...

  11. 6!!!!!

    i like it now too though :D


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