March 4, 2010

today is a very special day!

hi blog world,
today is a very important day...
it's my BFF'S birthday!
happy birthday carlyyyy :)
carly and i have been friends since we were about 6 years old. always in the same group of friends, but in the last 5 years or so we have gotten closer than ever. i swear i could never get sick of this girl no matter how hard i tried. she's an incredible person and friend. she's the best nurse ever, and i bet anyone who ever gets her as a nurse is so thankful. carly and i talk on the phone pretty much every single day. it amazes me how we can talk everyday and for hours if we were able. we get to see each other all the time, and always plan fun things to do together, and with our boys! this september carly is getting married, to one of my favourite guys ever! they have been together for over 7 years & they are so perfect together. i'm the luckiest girl ever because i am her maid of honor! & i cannnnnnnot wait for that. i'm going to have everyone over on saturday to celebrate my favourite girl's birthday! 
carly, i love you so much! BFF &ever&ever&ever.


  1. Aww happy birthday! BBF bdays are the best!

  2. you are in so many weddings lately!! my it'll be yours :)

  3. what a sweet post. :) and a darling picture!


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