March 19, 2010


my friday night isn't very exciting..
i'm working tomorrow - ughhh.
heading to visit petey after work - then we're going for dinner ♥
what are you doing this weekend?
hope it's amazing :)
here are some dorky photo's of me.
ps ; i got a new camera - haven't used it yet, it's sooo cute.


  1. You say dorkie, I say adorable!!
    I'm having a boring but fun Friday night, eating Mexican w my parents and checking blogs on my iPhone ;)
    have fun after work tomorrow!!

  2. OMG you are so cute!! Like Becky said you are adorable.

    My weekends are like usually. Doing nothing. Work and watch OTH. That's about it.

    Have a good weekend with Pete.

  3. you got a new camera? what kind? i wanna seeeee!! also...i'm not sure how many times in our entire friendship that i have told you how drop dead gorgeous you are...but, i'm about to say it again. you are single handedly the best looking girl i have ever laid eyes on (how lesbo of me) but SERIOUSLY!! i can't get over how pretty you are...

    okay, i'm done now
    (until next time)

  4. Dorky?? You look like a model! Hehe very pretty

  5. You are looking super-knockout!!!! <3


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)