April 11, 2010

busy as a friggin' bee..

hi hi hi, my little bloggers :)
how are you guys doing today?
everyone have a good weekend? i sure hope so.
i've had an insanely busy week. i don't know how i do it but i've always got a million things to do. i kinda love it though. keeps me on my toes!

thursday i worked until 7pm & then i drove!!! jenna's car out for dinner with my ringette girls, which was wonderful. i had some red wine & yummy salad and it was so good to catch up with my girly's, i love them!
friday after work we helped my grandpa and grandma with their groceries, & then i drove with my mom to pick petey up - we headed to bulk burn so i could get some cupcake supplies, and then we went out for dinner with my mom & blair. sweeeeet. i spent the night working on my cupcake order for saturday morning..
saturday i woke up very early and finalized my order, and then worked on finding a cute outfit for my much music audition! we headed downtown at noon, and i was outside the much building before 1 - the line wasn't too bad at all. once i got in i had to fill out an extensive questionare about pop culture, music, twitter, etc etc! after making that look super cute, i went in for an interview with a producer of much and he was SO nice! we chatted for a good 15-20 mins, and he was so cool. i brought them cupcakes! (0bvs) and they loved them. i think the interview went quite well, i felt good about it. now they look at everyones questions, resumes and head shots and decide who will be coming back for a second audition! it won't be for a few months so hopefully i hear back someday. oh yeah! & when i left the building, someone from CP24(news station) was outside and asked if she could interview me about my audition! yeyeyeyeye, it was so fun, i was on tv wooooo! once we got home from downtown, we headed to brooklin, to see my besties new house! it looks awesomeeeee. we went out to watch the leaf game at a bar, and they won! they're last game of the season. when pete and i got home we watched SNL (i effing love that show) tina fey hosted which was so good, and justin bieber was the musical guest! i don't even careeeee, i think he's cute as a button, and he honestly has a good voice! his performances were really good last night. i was oddly proud of him!!!;;

right now me and pete are watching the score (& my brother!)
i am having a tea, my throat is sooooo sore.
i think today we're going to see DATE NIGHT! it looks so funny..
and then tonight i need to clean my room and do laundry.


this week should be pretty relaxing, i have a few days off which will be nice!
&& i think on thursday me, my mom and my aunt might be going to buffalo to go shopping! yesssss, they have the best forever 21 of all time, and i want to go to TARGET so bad, i love that place way too much. & i think i will be able to finish off my giveaway prizes. they're soooo cute so far;)

okay, have a good day my loves.

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