April 8, 2010

decisions decisions

much music VJ open auditions!
pete told me last night that muchmusic (for the american's, it's canada's mtv!) will be holding open auditions this saturday. i went to the website, & it said this;
"Prepare two separate speaking pieces (a la VJ throws) about Top 30 MuchMusic artists. Show us your signature style and pop culture expertise, but most of all be you! And don’t forget your headshot and resume!"
it's really short notice, but i kinda wanna do it. i mean, i might as well. eeeek, i need to make a decision!
what should i do? just work hard at coming up with some fun speaking pieces and a super cute outfit? or wait until next time, if there is one....?


  1. Just do it. Who knows when the next opportunity will be!
    At least if it doesn't turn into anything you won't wonder "what if?"
    That's just the worst! DO IT!

  2. Go for it! Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today! :) xx

  3. Hey Julie,

    You have to do it! You would be perfect for it. DO IT!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)