April 5, 2010

easter weekend (busiest ever) image heavy*

hi cuties,
sorry about my lack updates in the past week..
i have been so unbelievably busy!
& don't worry - i haven't forgotten about my giveaway,
i have a bunch of cute stuff, but not enough yet. i want it to be perfect
here are some photo's of my week(end) - sorry if it's slowing down your computer..

wednesday was fun, my aunt & uncle (who are the best ever) came over, and i baked lots of cuppycakes for the united way bake sale at my work. nothing like cupcakes for a good cause!
these are some photo's of the ones i made;;

thursday night we went to help my bro & sis-in-law move into their new house..
pete and i met downtown and then helped move & didn't get home until after 1am,
it was hard work, but worth it for the best fam ever.
friday was S0 sunny and perfect,
so me and my babe had a picnic! it's something i've wanted to do for a while, and i even have the blanket for it. it was so cute:) ;;

when we got home, i got bakin' because i had a cupcake order to do!
it's all about the packaging!! xo
saturday we woke up early and headed downtown to my bro & sis' place,
we were knocking down a bunch of walls, ripping up floors and doing lots of heavy lifting and things i didn't think we could even do! it's was dirty, and hard work. but we had so much fun!
my family is the bessssst.
look how dirty we got by the end..
here is the front yard after some of our work;;
joe & linds covered in dust & dirt;;
my man hard at work!;;
dirt face. now i know how i will look when i'm gray;;
on the way home (the shower was the best after this!!);;

my bf...with a saw!!!;;
on our way to easter @ my cousins!;;

my little cousin's tea pot & treats. sooo cute;;
pete playing soccer with baby sofie! cuteeee;;
sofie with my sunny's on! awwww;;
today was the PERFECT day for some pink lemonade!!;;
sweet potatoes! YES PLEASE;;
such a busy, but fun & productive weekend. now i am just catching up on some stuff and heading to bed shortly. petey was here since thursday, and now i am so sad he's gone. hmph.
tomorrow i am off, but i am waking up early and heading to toronto to hand out resumes! please keep your fingers crossed for me okay! i am thinking postitive.

hope you had an amazing weekend, loves!


  1. Your cupcakes are just the CUTEST... totally a reflection of you!
    And if that's any indication of what you'll look like gray, you'll look great! :)

  2. I just came across your blog! I love it! Your cupcakes are soooo cute! (& look delicious!!!)
    Good luck with the resumes!!! You have me thirsty for lemonade now...
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo -jamie


  3. Your weekend looks absolutely LOVELY!! Your cupcakes are too fabulous, wish I could reach through the computer and eat one! Good luck with the resume handing out!

  4. those cupcakes are so great looking it looks like you had a great weekend I love the pictures of you all dirty too cute!

    have a great day


  5. You are the cutest! I loved all the pictures! Your cupcakes are so yummy looking!!


  6. Look at your pretty nails! & dress! & cupcakes!! :)

  7. im sure you have SO many cute cupcake things...but these are tooooo cute not to share:

  8. @j.con - why thank you pretty lady, you're too sweet!

    @jamie - thank you so much! i love your blog too. cupcakes rule, and so does lemonade, mmm

    @emily - thank youuuu, i wish i could give you a cupcake!

    @carrie - yes! it was awesome, thanks love

    @cat - awwww you are so sweet. <333

    @jamie - thanks missy, you rule.

    @allison - oooh i am going to check them out, thanks love:)

  9. you are just too cute!! your blog always makes me smile :D


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)