April 7, 2010


get stoked! because i got some cuuuute stuff for my first ever giveaway,
i'm almost ready:)

in the mean time, two things to mention:
my new moccasins, complete my liiiife, so comfy;;
she&him volume 2 - soSOso good ♥


  1. Moccasins are the greatest ever! I've had a pair of booties for a couple years and last summer I bought a pair of slip on ones w/ beading like those. OMG... obsessed. I'd have a pair of every style/shade is it was feasible.
    Those ones are awful cute!! :)

  2. She & Him - yesss! Amazing album. I'm seeing them live in London in May. Cannot wait!

    And I think I need those moccasins in my life x


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