April 16, 2010


happy hot as f*ck friday everyone :)
i'm off today & had quite a productive day..
woke up & did some puttering around,
i was supposed to have a driving lesson but my instructor is sick,
so i decided to ride my bike to work because they were having a little birthday celebration for one of my co-workers. then i rode my bike to winners & dollarama. & back to work & then back home! such good exercise, it was nice.
now i am listening to some sweet tunes, and prepping to clean my room & do some craft things!

oooh yesterday i went to ikea & got some super cute stuff,
more about that later

& also, have you entered my giveaway?
if not, check it out in the post below!

this is the first time i've featured a girl on my "hot as fuck friday" segment,
& what hotter girl to feature?
real women have curves!
she's gorgeoussss!
she makes me want red hair, and reminds me that having curves can work to your advantage!


  1. Wow! she IS hot! She brings out the lesbian in me ;) LOL....
    Have a great weekend! xo

  2. agreed. that woman is steaming hot! not to mention STACKED! :p


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)