April 27, 2010

i'm officially unemployed,
i'm so sad to be done work. i love everyone there so much..
my search for a job in toronto continues,
i need something good to happen soon. i am losing hope.
it's tuesday, so here is a
photo that makes me smile;;
this photo was taken while working on the cruise ship, 2 summers ago. we had a crew party that was "art" themed. we all painted ourselves from head to toe, and this is me painting a heart (obviously) on my friend crocs (short for crocodile, aka craig) he's awesome and this photo brings back lots of memories of that summer!



  1. hang in there julie!!!!
    something will come up for you.
    you can do it!!

  2. Aw! Miss miss Crocs!! And I miss you Cuppy! Present being sent out in the Post on Wednesday!!!


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