April 22, 2010

just breathe.

it's almost friday!
i'm excited about this weekend:)
i've had a very busy couple of days, tonight i am finally getting a chance to catch up on a few things around here which is awesome.
i am excited because i finally get to see my boy this weekend,
i haven't seen him in 2 weeks.
love love love, i can't wait for snuggles.

so, i have big news!
well, not really that big. but -
today i joined weight watchers
i'm really excited. it's going to be horrible, of course..
but it's something i really want to do.
i want to lose 2o pounds & i think i can do it!
it's going to take some getting used to for sure, but i am ready for the challenge.
i will be sure to keep everyone posted on my progress!
i'm already going to the gym quite often, but i will be even more so now.
i am NOT going to give up.
don't let me!
& whenever i think how much it sucks, i have to remember ;;
now, all i need is to hear back from one of these places i've applied to.
THEN i will be happy.
i am losing faith, but i NEED to stay positive! i just have to!

these are sooooo precious. i love sesame street, always will! i think these are adorable :) xo

*all images from we heart it


  1. cute cupcakes!!!! working out is awesome and soo good for you! good luck with your goals! talk to you soon :)

  2. good luck with weight watchers! I love the cupcakes oh oscar is my favorite!


  3. Yay!! That's very awesome! I'm right there with you - gym wise - I'm not going to not go lol I'm gonna do it!

    :) You will do great!!

  4. Don't give up girl!! You are the most positive person I know so if you give up then I have to give up - and I don't want to give up either ;-) I've almost finished your present.... so keep an eye out for it in the post!!

  5. Weight Watchers is not that bad!! I had lost 18 kilos with it a few years back (without even going to the gym). But unfortunately gained it all again. But they changed the concept so I am not sure if I can do if by myself or that I have to join again. It's just loads of money that I can't really effort. But hey you can do it. If you really want it and follow it you will be fine.

  6. you guys are soooooo sweet! seriously.



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