May 11, 2010

central park:)

tuesday -
a photo that makes me smile;;
this is me and one of my fav girls ever "baby b"! - this was 2 summers ago, while spending out sunday's in new york, before sailing to bermuda.  this was also my first time ever seeing central park, it was such an amazing day & adventure.
made me fall in love with new york even more,
as if that was possible.
i miss baby b & new york.

right now i am drinking tea & listening to hanson.
going to zumba & the gym soon.
and then...more job hunting.


  1. I can tell central park is amazing, just from this picture! :)
    Sorry bout the job searching... :/

  2. You look soooo cute! Love the headband.

  3. jamie - yesss it is! & thank suckssss haha

    jenny - awwww thanks doll


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