May 5, 2010

coming soon to my blog!;;

* story of "us" - story of me & my boy
* where i've been post - my favourite spots i've traveled too!
* tattoo story - meaning behind my tattoo's
* cruise life! - all about my life working on the cruiseship
* i miss thailand - best of thailand post, with photo's too!
get to know me better post! i've been jotting down things in the last while i thought i might like to share on here. i've seen a lot of people do it lately and it's such a fun idea!
especially since i have a lot of new followers!

i am going to go DRIVING now,
lots of running around to do, mother's day shopping.. & then hitting the gym!

have a great day!!!


  1. OOoohh I am excited to hear about your experience working on a cruise ship!! I work for a travel agency and look at all the pretty brochures and always wonder what it is like visiting the places and working at the resorts and cruise ships!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)