May 14, 2010

friday love.

just wanted to say thank you for all of your sweet comments on my post about my dad...
your kindness helped me get through such a tough day.
you guys are so wonderful :)

i have no huge plans for the weekend which will be nice,
i've got the house to myself this weekend so i am going to relax & craft..
might go to value village tomorrow & looking for garage sales,
&&& go to the gym of course.
speaking of working out ; i've lost 5 pounds! i'm so proud of myself.

last night me & my mom watched it's complicated
it was actually really cute. i love meryl streep & steve martin,
& i loooove john krasinski!
he's my featured hottie for
hot as f$ck friday;;
he's so adorable in every he does!
i feel like he would be super fun to hangout with too,
he's a total dorky babe, love it.

time for a bike ride!
the sun is lovely, i've missed it.
have a great weekend kiddo's!

i want to get one of these cake stands, they are precious...and i love the paper boxes around these cuppycakes, totally adorable


  1. I'm right there with you...John is hotter than hell...those eyes...those lips...OK...I better calm down, where is that fan? ;)

    5lbs! Yay You! Have a great weekend! xo

  2. congrats on the weight! I should do that myself...

  3. Yum yum - he is pretty hot :)

  4. Don't even get me started on John Krasinski. Oh boyyyyy.
    Enjoy your weekend darlin'!

  5. saw this picture of you on my dashboard thingie - and it's just so prety :) I need to catch your excitement for the gym -yikes!

    ummmm I LOVE John Krasinski with all my heart and never miss The Office! He is way precious!

    Have a very wonderful weekend! :)

  6. uuuugghhh.
    john krasinki is like my only celeb crush. if i ever saw him in real life...

  7. i think i have that stand! ikea?
    those cupcakes are too pretty... love the square boxes, where can you find them?
    your blog is adorable, love that you love cupcakes too:)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)