May 16, 2010

sunday is fun day.

life rules!
happy sunday :)

i decided i am going to start a new fun thing on my blog!
so far i have - cupcake of the day (sometimes..haha)
hot as f$ck friday
tuesday; a photo that makes me smile
& now introducing...
inspirational quote  sunday! ♥
i LOVE quotes, i write them everywhere to help inspire me, anytime i see one in a book or in the paper or on a blog, i write it down. i have a book where i write them all inside & i loveeee it! so i wanted to share some with you guys :)

inspirational quote sunday ♥ ;;
"if it isn't happening, make it happen"
- David Hemmings

 i had such a fun night last night with my besties!
i made homemade guacamole & pizza's!
we played my fav game - left, centre, right!
& then watched SNL, it was SOOOOOOO good.
* & my life is complete because my 2 favs did my fav sketch ever
fred armison & kristen wiig doing "garth & kat"
did anyone see it?
i have never laughed so hard, i swear!

have you ever played left, centre right?
it's SO much fun! & so easy..
& you can win money (i did...)
it's beautiful out!
pete's here, we've got a busy day...
going to spend some time outside too!
you guys are awesome.


  1. Yeah a new topic for the blog! Love it.

    What kind of game is it? Never heard of it, .

  2. hahaha Garth & Kat!! So funny :]
    I'm glad you had such a fun night! Sounds like a good time. I've never played that game before, I'll have to check it out.
    LOVE you! xo.

  3. Can we get together and play games? I'm a huge game nerd.
    PS. Homemade guac is my liiiiiife! <3


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