May 25, 2010

the sunniest tuesday everrrr:)

a perfectly sunny tuesday!
a photo that makes me smile;;
me & my besties on the beach in mexico, for heather's wedding week♥

& since i wasn't able to blog on sunday,
here is..
inspirational quote sunday;;
"do all things with love" - Og Mandino
i love that quote, i painted it on my mini little easel!

ooooh & did i show you guys the new addition to my family?
it's violet. these pretty violets have looked perfect since the day i got em'
they are right by the window & get lots of sun. 
i enjoy them:)
it's SOOOOO nice out today.
i LOVE this weather..
i read in my backyard for a while,
& went for a run (but ohmygosh, it's too hot)
and i plan on going for a bike ride soon.
have you met betty?
my bicycle!
i looooove it!
name after such betty's as ;
betty rubble, betty cooper, betty white, betty boop, & betty paige
this is from last week when i went for a bike ride/solo reading picnic..

today is going to be such a good day!
i can feel it.
i am stoked for american idol & OF COURSE
GAGA night!!! on glee.

life is GOOD.
my weekend was absolutely PERFECT,
lots of photo's and such posted later!

found on google - because it's just been soooo perfect out the last few days, sunflower cuppy's!


  1. Gaga is on Glee?? I'm a few episodes behind, I've been trying to catch up ...OMG! Pretty excited about that.

  2. I love that photo of you & your friends, you are all so pretty!
    Love the quote too :)

  3. your bike is soo cute! I have a mountain bike I want to spruce up and make it cute.
    AANND I can't wait for american idol and glee either!!

  4. you have the perfect bike. did the basket come on it cause that is exactly the kind i am looking forward. i prefer a wicker one but it just wouldn't go with my late 90s sporty bike ahaha

  5. love the bike!

    and i'm so happy for the nicer weather too!

    the cupcake is perfect for this post :)

  6. What a lovely quote! Love it! That mini easel is soooo cute!! I love Betty the Bicycle! I really want a bike now! Such adorable cupcakes!


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