May 15, 2010

tea time on saturday.

it's gloomy out (i thought it was supposed to be nice & sunny?)
& i am enjoying a huge cup of tea...
i love tea!
after having no luck at garage sales,
i made my way to the flea market, not much there either -
although i got some adorableeee scrapbooking stickers - 69. cents each!
i was so stoked. i will post pics soon.
hit up the gym but just wasn't in the mood
(do you ever have those days?)
noreen, if you are reading this - HEY GIRL!

so, i thought i would share my new girl crush
& my HAIR crush. ohmygosh, i want her hair.
amanda seyfried
babe alert!

she's so pretty!
& so are YOU.


  1. I love a big mug of tea <3

    She is so pretty x

  2. she does have good hair. *jealous!* and i love tea. i drink sleepytime tea every night and my husband makes fun of me haha. i can't help it, i just love it!

  3. where are those buttons from?? we need them!! i would wear mine every single day


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