June 7, 2010

all about meeeee...

oh hi,
blog friends :)

in the last few months i have got so many new followers!

& it makes me SO happy that people actually LIKE reading my blog,

i love everyone's comments and love reading your blogs too.

i have been really busy lately but am trying to check out all my new friends blogs!

& since i have lots of new pals, i thought i would do a little

get to know me better post!

things you might not know about me;;;

♥ i worked on a cruise ship for 3 years on & off, traveling all over :)

♥ i lived and worked in banff alberta and orlando florida

♥ my uncle lives in thailand and i went there (with my bf) to visit him

♥ i have my own small cupcake business

♥ i am an extremely positive person!

♥ i LOVE being a hostess and having parties

♥ i'm very crafty!

♥ i went to 7 proms

♥ i will always be a daddy's girl. (missyou/loveyou dad, r.i.p)

♥ i am obsessed with hockey!

♥ i have 2 older brothers that i am very close with

♥ one of my bro's just got married last summer & now i have a sister (she's so cool!)

♥ i love making lists, for everything ever.

♥ i JUST got my licence at the age of 25, yessss i did it!

♥ pete and i met on a cruiseship - almost dating 2 years<3

♥ most of my friends are guys, although i am very girly

♥ my bestfriend is getting married in september, & i am the maid of honour!

♥ i am so in love with christmas time, like A LOT a lot.

♥ i try to make someones day every day

♥ if i could live anywhere in the USA it would be seattle or newyork.

♥ i hope to be discovered some day for what i dont know...

♥ i am in love with the city of toronto

♥ i'm a total fag hag

♥i almost always wear something in my hair - bow, ribbon, headband, feather, flower - i feel lost without it

♥ i want to write a book, but fear i will never do it.

♥ i've also always wanted to write a children's book, i love them

♥ i LOVEEEE drinking tea. but i hate coffee

♥ i loveeee SNL

♥ the beatles changed my life

♥ dollarama is like ...my favourite store.

♥ my mom is the cutest/sweetest woman i know, i hope i can be like her when i grow up.

♥ i get bored of some things easily, but am also weird about change

♥ i love disney and hello kitty and a lot of things little girls love

♥ i'm a LEO and apparently i am SUCH a leo

♥ i was the first ROSS girl born in over 100 years - no big deal

♥ i own over 100 dresses!

♥ i was on an improv team in highschool

♥ i wish i lived in the 1950's

♥ i love writing down positive quotes when i hear them

♥ i have the craziest, most decorated room ever

♥ i love staying active and going to the gym

♥ i am soooo in love :)

♥ i love traveling and adventures

♥ i always have music on, i love it way too much.

♥ i take A LOT of pictures

♥ i love sending people cards, letters & packages

♥ i once won an award called "most impressive smile"

♥ i try to live every day like it's my last


♥ i LOVE going to the movies!!!

♥ i have mistletoe hanging in my room all year long

♥ i love scrapbooking (although i haven't done it in a while..)

♥ i love judd apatow movies

♥ if i could travel to one place right now it would be = holland

♥ i've never had a dog or a cat

♥ i love breakfast (and having it for dinner)

♥ i love onions, haha random

♥ i played ringette for 20 years (a canadian sport, similar to hockey)

♥ i've flown around 50 times in my life

♥ i love sleeping (i wish i didn't love it so much)

♥ my favourite vegetable is cucumber


  1. And again I found out some new things about you. How was your first few days at work?

  2. I love learning new things about you! Have a great day!


  3. I loved reading these facts about you :)

  4. i hate coffee too.... and the smell of it bleh!
    coffee haters of the world unite!

  5. I like the smell of coffee...but I hate the taste :P
    And really, the first girl in 100 years? That makes you the chosen one!

  6. I completely understand a lot of those things... I'm a Christmas freak too! I want to write a Children's book and I have more guy friends than girl friends. I even miss my dad, he's been gone 11 years
    But 7 proms???? How did that even happen? haha
    Thanks for sharing

  7. That's a really cool list! xx

  8. & those are just a few things about you that i love!!

    i knew everything about that, except for the fact that you were the first ross girl born in over 100 years...that's really neat!! and maybe that's why you're so special ♥

  9. wow, it's crazy how much we have in common! i love it! haha, seriously, why haven't we hung out yet?!

    and the 1st Ross girl in 100 years? that's so interesting and awsome! Carly stole my words exactly, that much be why you're so special!

  10. I LOOOOOOVE Hockey too! Dan Carcillo is my favorite!

  11. Hii! :)
    Super cute list lady x

  12. Yay! for getting your liscense! I'm 41 and still haven't :( it's irritating that other women actually find it weird that I don't drive.
    We have quite a few things in common...
    I LOVE the smell of coffee but am a tea lover as well.
    I too get bored easily and quickly but tend to resist change.
    You and your boy are a fabulous couple~you will make beautiful babies one day ;)
    -all the best always

  13. you own over 100 dresses!? JEALOUS!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)