June 27, 2010

england lost.
this sucks.

and i am extremely rattled by an anonymous comment left on my blog,
perhaps i should limit my comments to friends only,
because really i don't like the idea of people i don't know (or know their name) commenting on my blog. i want my blog to be a positive place at all times...
people posting negative things towards my views/life etc just REALLY piss me off.

i am going to go bake cupcakes,
the my bff is coming here and we are going to michaels & toy story 3.


  1. i don't usually watch soccer, but i watched this game with my brother. so intense!

    i know how you feel about anon commenters.
    i had a horrible anon commenter on my blog a while back. some people can be super rude but cowardly. so their point is lost.

    keep doing what you're doing.
    i'm new to your blog but i'm in love!
    keep the positivity going!

  2. yes carly! it was intense.
    and yeah, i totally agree. i love blogging, and the blog world because i find it such a fun and positive place, as soon as someone leaves a comment like that my whole view changes and i hate to doubt my views/blog because of someones rude comment! ugh.

    thank you..
    you're so sweet.
    i am going to check out your blog now:)

  3. Toy Story 3 is so good! Boo to mean people I don't understand why they feel the need to be mean!



  4. I love love love you and today I wrote a blog post all about my love for Canada (which totally includes my favorite Canadians :D)

  5. You are so cute. :]
    Negative nancy needs to stay away.

    Anddd Your comment made me blush. ;] You are way way too sweet.

  6. i didn't watch the england game! i completely overslept and missed it, but i was totally rooting for them. so sad my two teams are already out. ps. baking always raises my spirits after i'm down. seriously. go bake your cupcake heart out! <3

  7. I only got to see the football highlights after I finished work this evening! Gutted!
    I am Scottish, but am neutral when it comes to the England games, unlike some of the England-haters in my country!

    You can take that as my small input towards world peace :) x

  8. i woke up super early to watch the match. so so so bummed.

  9. rude anons? i'll cut a B****, they better watch out!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)