June 24, 2010

first off,
thanks for the advice on my post below.
i know that it will work out no matter what!
i just need to see the bright side of the situation,
which is...
people want to possibly hire me!
& i am so happy about that:)

so miss indie is having the most epic giveaway ever,
i mean really...
who wouldn't want to win a bunch of cute hello kitty stuff?
she's so awesome! (hello kitty AND miss indie)
head on over to her blog to enter!

tomorrow i plan on running some errands,hitting the gym..
and hopefully seeing this movie;;
has anyone seen it?
i want to see it so bad.
i loved the first two so very much♥
saturday i am heading down to my bro/sis' place in toronto..
and then pete is coming to visit! yeyeye...
sunday is a BIG day for him (&me!)


  1. oh julie, you're going to LOVE toy story 3, it was so so so good & super funny! i loved it!!

  2. oh my cuteness! i am definitely entering this giveaway! and i want to see toy story 3 too! let me know how it is!


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