June 28, 2010

the interview went SO good.
i don't want to jinx it. my fingers are crossed!!!
thinking happy thoughts*

also, i am going downtown on wednesday to take a second look at an apartment, right above fab's! (one of my really close friends)
it's small, but super cute:)
i wish i could have a place as cute as any of these...
i will try my best!;;
all photo's from here


  1. omgoodness! cuteness overload! I love all those rooms. Urgh, it makes me jealous! haha.

  2. Those photos look so cute! Which I could have one of those rooms as well. My room is boring. Hopefully you will get the job and cross of another thing from your list: move to Toronto.

  3. Lovin' the loft spaces! Hope all goes well! xo

  4. oh those are all soooo adorable and i just KNOW that your apartment will be as well :)

    ps: that strawberry couch is sooo amazing

  5. Apartment decorating is pretty fun! Your gonna have a blast!

  6. Ohhh!! They are all so adorable!! :)
    I hope you get the place you're after!


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