June 25, 2010

june 25th love.

first off,
happy 6 months 'till christmas!
oooh, how exciting.
i love christmas
(like, a lot!)

& just because i feel like it...
here are 5 things i love today!;;

tin lunch boxes;;
i used to collect them...they are so adorable!
this beatles comforter;;
um, omg! i need it. neeeeed it.
a panda frying pan;;
cutest ever.
this tattoo;;
seriously amazing.
the jetsons!;;
i love this family!
more later
including my hot as f&ck friday hottie!


  1. You really do love Christmas, it's so cute! & that bed spread is to die for!!

  2. you know it jamie, and yess i don't know where to get one but i want it!

    caroline, they are the cutest eh!


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