June 25, 2010

my friday night.

oh, hi.
i am such a nerd, ugh...
i haven't gone out on a friday night in a while..
but i kinda like it.

tonight i cleaned my room,
did some laundry,
started a scrapbook for one of my bff's
& now i am watching season 2 of friends.
i really love this show, still!
i want to watch all the seasons:)
i own 4 of them now!

today is HOT AS F*CK FRIDAY!
today's hottie is - DRAKE♥
there is something about him..that is just so sexy.
he is so driven, and real.
i LOVE his music!(just bought his album today)
all that and he's a canadian boy too!

this is like the most beautiful thing i have ever seen!!! it's beyond perfect. loveloveloveee


  1. I totally used to watch Degrassi all the time & I remember him from the show! ;)

  2. haha, i never really watched it...but i do remember him being on it! it's so weird to see him now - he's so different it seems! hehe


  3. and he was on Degrassi which makes him even Cooler!!

  4. haha i loved him on degrassi too :] and i love friends. my husband has all the seasons, so its basically the only reason i married him. hahaha just kidding ;]

  5. I really reallyyy love friends, like i've watched each episode at least 15 times. love.

    also love drake and cupcakes! let's be real life friends. :)

  6. ahah I go to PSU in NH.. and drake just came and played for a spring show... it was awesome.. you would have loved it! :)

    x0 Laura

  7. oh my goodness. my sister has all the seasons of friends and i've seen ALLL the episodes multiple times! what's even sillier is she got hers ages ago when they were only vhs! crazy!

  8. i am disappointed in this hot as f*ck friday, haha...i generally agree, today however i do not. ugh...lol!

    i do love friends though and scrapbooking and those cupcakes from this post and you!! so all is well in the bloggy world of julie ross, hahaha :)


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