June 24, 2010


thursday dilemma!
hey my darlin's
how is everyone today?

words to live by!
& i do.

okay, so here is the dilemma -
as most of you know from reading my blog, i have been in search of a full time job in toronto for about 2 and a half months. the search hasn't been going so well. i got that one job as a tour guide, which is sweet & i love everyone there, but it is part time, and always will be and the work is basically only on the weekends so i would have to get another part time job.
this week my amazing friend got me an interview at the beauty salon he works out in toronto - it's super posh and the people seem really nice and i am getting a really good vibe. it is full time (even though it's not mon-fri..bummer) and the pay is pretty good!
i had 2 interviews and felt really good about them, and was so excited. my friend even told me i almost definitely got the job!
&&& yesterday -
my phone was dead when pete and i were downtown watching the england game (come on england, they won! yay!)
i came home to lots of messages & texts on my phone.
the first was from a job i applied to exactly 2 months ago that i REALLY wanted. it's downtown and is full time, monday to friday 9-5. perfect hours! and it's in my field, tourism/recreation.
they said they wanted to interview me, so i have an interview monday morning for that one. & then another friend said their work was hiring and he could get me an interview, but i have decided to hold off on that one for now.
so now it's a tough situation,
because i am a lot further along in the hiring process with the one job, but am extremely interested in the other one too!
last week i didn't have ANY options, and now i am stressed with too many. ughhhh! it's crazy.

* also with the beauty salon job, one of bestfriends works there, and he has a 1 bedroom apt avail. in his building right down the street && they have the best beauty related perks ever!

ok. i will figure this out.
rant over!


  1. all of those opportunities sound awesome, and though I definitely can't tell you which to choose I'd have to say go with the one that you want the most and that you think will make you the happiest.

    congrats on the abundance of opportunities!!!

    you're such a sweetheart.
    & you are right... i need to go with the one that will make me most happy:)

  3. Wow, I know how stressful that can be. You don't want to pass up an opportunity for a job but with another job you want more it's hard to accept something that wouldn't make you as happy. Things will work out! Good luck on your interviews!


  4. go with the one in your field...
    what would you be doing at fabs salon? like, clean up/reception/that kinda stuff? cause when you think about it, you want something in your field...that's what you want to DO right??

  5. go with the one in your field! you wouldn't even be having this "dilemna" if you didn't "REALLY" want the other one. the interview is monday, so it sounds like you may have some time to keep the salon one "on hold" until you get a feel for the organization on monday?

  6. You're so lucky... I'd love to do either of those!
    Can you put off the salon people a bit until you find out more about the recreation/tourism job? If it were me, my only fear would be losing the salon job and not ending up getting the rec/tourism job.
    Obviously if you have your choice, I'd go for the one in your field... but a job is better than no job, right? I suppose you could always accept the salon job if they offer it first, but still go for the other one. Can they really be mad if you end up going for a job in a field you're interested in?
    I hope this helps! Good luck and keep us posted. xo.

  7. You will love Toy Story 3!!
    I did!
    Oh & i have a button now!! :)

  8. I would definitely say that you should tell the salon you are interested, and also go on the other interview. You aren't putting your eggs in too many baskets, and you don't really know if the tourism job will work out yet. If it does, then just be honest with the salon and say that this is more related to your field and that you have to choose that opportunity. And if you can postpone your start date that works even better. But if the interview doesn't work out, think of all the free haircuts/dyes!

  9. what would you do at the salon? i always say that you should do stuff in your field, no matter what it is. any experience in your field is good experience. good luck figuring it out, sounds like things will be good either way. xoxo.


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