July 3, 2010

journal challenge.

hi qt's
here's a journal challenge update,
i have been slacking on posting my photo's on here!
sorry, my life has been so busy...
i'm even a few behind now! i was doing so good
i am loving janel's challenge though,isn't she awesome?

also ; to people who have flikr -
my account is saying i don't have enough monthly space to add photo's, and that i need to upgrate, does that mean i have to pay?
i hope not, cause i'm poor. hahaha

here we go ;;

promt 16;
what are you wearing today?
promt 15;
promt 14;
what makes you so great?
promt 13;
promt 12;
current trends
promt 11;
promt 10 ;
promt 9;
all about my man
prompt 8;
inside joke
prompt 7;
how are you feeling today?

prompt 6;
what is it time for?
prompt 5;
favourite blogs!


  1. Aww i love your pages! I so wish i had started this with you guys! Im totally kicking myself cus i didnt :( :(

  2. i love your pages!! i love full house too :) and the beatles and beach boys are at the top of my list! i'm going to see the beach boys this summer in orilla! hooray

  3. ur pages look great!! and yes that means you have to pay. its not soooo bad

  4. wowwww. these pages are AMZING!!!! i'm so inpsired! you have the greatest handwriting :)

    it's $25 for the year!

  5. You have the beeeest journal - I love it.
    And thanks for putting me on your fave blogs. You're the absolute sweetest everrrr <3

  6. I love all of your pages! You have the cutest handwriting in the world!!! Love it!!

  7. Is this a challenge that was going on?
    I really like it, is it too late to try it myself? =/


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)