July 9, 2010

my life is SO busy. eeee!

guys, i miss youuuu!
work is going really good, i am actually loving it there.
i didn't get that other job - but it's ok, in the end i think it was for the best
&& it wasn't meant to be!
in other news ;;
i got a blackberry (i'm obsessed! haha)
6 followers from 200
went to ikea & got amazing stuff for my place
i'm moving in 6 days
i love you!


  1. Your blackberry will soon turn into your Crackberry!!! I love mine!! So awesome to hear about you loving your job! Yay!! <333

  2. what colour did you get? i love how you are already obsessed with it and it makes me happy that we can bbm each other (i mean, it's pretty much the same as texting but for some reason i'm more likely to bbm somebody) haha it's strange.

    anyway, i'm so glad that you are loving your job and i can't wait for you to move to toronto (again!) your place last time was so adorable and i know this time it'll be even cuter! i feel sorry for you having to pack up all of your stuff though, you're a knick-knack person like me so there will be lots of 'stuff'...eeee! i can't wait to see it!! let me know anytime you would like me to come down, i can even help you unpack/set up if you'd like! i'm free all the time remember...

    love you jujubes!!

  3. i just went to ikea the other day and we spent wayyyy too much money haha. and yay for the job. i firmly believe everything happens for a reason. :]


  4. now you're five followers away from 200 : )

  5. Yay for blackberry! Love that we're now BBM friends. So legit.
    So glad you're loving the job. And can't wait to see your place. I know it's going to be the cutest.

  6. No you are only 3 followers away!
    cute blog!<3

  7. Goodluck with the move! :)
    I need to get back to Ikea - the storms smashed up my pretty plants so I need (&/or want) new ones! :)
    have a great week x


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