August 3, 2010

the best news ever!

this sunday, i am going to see...
i can honestly die a happy woman now! haha.
ok, so...
this past weekend while pete and i were up at the cabin, we were all sitting by the fire and pete came out with a card, and he said "jules...this is for you. i had to give it to you early" so i slowly opened it up, and read his cute as can be message, and then there was an envelope, and tickets were wrapped in a flyer for this beatles tribute show called "rain" that i also wanted to see! (pete and i had talked months ago about how bad i wanted to see paul but the tickets were sold out etc!)
anyway so i was excited because i thought we were going to see rain! & then pete told me to open up the tickets to see where we were sitting...
and then i saw it..i read that name,
i honestly started shaking, i was so excited.
i AM so excited.
the beatles changed my life!
i have loved them since i was a kid, i listen to them every day, i have so many of their albums, i have pictures, and posters and t-shirts, books, and a tattoo of one of their songs! i just can't believe i will be seeing one of them live.
words can't describe how happy this makes me!
& right before i'm getting my next tattoo,
which is also beatles related
"all you need is love"
and i know there are other people out there with that,
but it's the best message ever & it comes from the best band of all time.
so yeah, hahaha
i am like really excited!

best birthday gift ever♥
5 sleeps!!!


  1. i am so so so excited for you!! sounds like you had a great weekend with pete, what a sweet boy!! also...where on your body are you getting the next tattoo??

  2. I'm soooooo jealous! very excited for you but hating you at the same time (just kidding) I would do anything to see him, youll have to post pictures! Have a great time!

  3. :) That is so exciting. And what a great boy you have!
    I love all your Beatles pics too.
    Happy happy happy post!

  4. Well, you know I am soooo incredibly jealous right now!!
    Haha but soo excited for you!!
    Lucky, lucky girl!!!

  5. OMG! That is so awesome! I am a major beatles fan too. Couldn't tell you how many songs I have memorized....or how many times I have sung Norwegian Wood or Blackbird while the little bro plays. I'm so excited for you! We will be expecting a detailed post on the occasion! :)

  6. oh man you're kind of like my new best e-friend!
    i am jut as obsessed with the Beatles as you are.

    everything you mentioned, i feel and everything you have...i have...including a tattoo!
    i have "all you need is love, love is all you need" across my chest (which you mentioned you're getting....GET IT! haha)

    im drawing out my half sleeve which is going to be Beatles related.

    ah im super jealous you get to see Paul!
    although Ringo was always my favorite xD


  7. Oh HOW exciting! Seeing Paul in concert is on my bucket-list! Can't wait to see how it goes! ;)

  8. You're so luckyyyy! That's so exciting...I wish I were going. The Beatles are the best!

    Have a ton of fun:)

  9. yayayayayay! have fun my dear, you deserve it!

  10. i 100% agree- best birthday gift ever. i am in love with paul mccartney- hes just so awesome!!! hope you have a blasT!

  11. amazing amazing! i ♥ the beatles sooo much. you are a very lucky girl :)


  12. Ahhh that's awesome! Have the best time! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)