August 6, 2010

i love being in love.
who knows how long I've loved you
you know i love you still
will i wait a lonely lifetime
if you want me to, i will.

for if i ever saw you
i didn't catch your name
but it never really mattered
i will always feel the same.

love you forever and forever
love you with all my heart
love you whenever we're together
love you when we're apart.

and when at last i find you
your song will fill the air
sing it loud so I can hear you
make it easy to be near you
for the things you do endear you to me
oh, you know, i will
i will.

i love you pete,
i love you the beatles,
i love you paul...
see you sunday!



  1. when i get married i am walking down the aisle to that song... just saying!

  2. :]] Sooo adorable. Love the beatles. Love that picture.

  3. Oh how I love being in love toooooo! <333

  4. so sweet!

    bah i was in toronto this past wednesday!
    totally thought about your blog!

    dinner and drinks in TO?

  5. SO cute! Love the song... gotta love them beatles! Can't wait to here about the concert!

  6. I love this post. What a cute picture! Can't wait to hear about the concert.

  7. so sweet!
    what an amazing birthday gift!
    sounds like he is a keeper ;)


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