August 3, 2010

life is so good.

i have so much to look forward to in the next little while

tonigh ; dinner with pete's cousins and their kids:)
sunday ; paul mccartney!!!
next wednesday ;; getting my hair doneeee (super fun!)
august 12th;; carly's shower!
august 14th ; birthday celebrations downtown! shake a tail♥
august 15th ; family get together for my birthday!
august 16th ; my birthday

also in the near future -
the ex!
centre island!
carly's bachelorette weekend!
a lot of cupcake baking!
carly & derek's wedding!


  1. wow wow wow
    lucky girl!!
    it's so lovely having nice things to look forward to...keeps me going, i know.

  2. WOW,sounds like you got a month full of fun stuff :) can't wait to read about some of it :)


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