August 14, 2010

paul mccartney post!

paul ♥ !!!
i feel like i can't even put into words how amazing the concert was. it was definitely one of the best nights of my life!

&& can i just say -
pete, you are the most amazing boyfriend in the world.
that was the most perfect, thoughtful, and incredible birthday gift in the world!
i am so glad we got to see a beatle together.

so pete and i went out for dinner before the show
(both wearing our beatles tee's -obvi!)
we got to the venue early, and it was so packed!

we got to our seats and i was even more excited!
we had incredible seats..
we were in the upper bowl, but the first row, and the last 2 seats on the end - pete got them especially for me since i am so short, and it was the greatest view!

before paul came out i was getting soooo excited, we waited for about an hour before he finally came on -
and there it was

cry # 1 - paul running out on stage!
i just couldn't believe my eyes!
i was SO excited and happy :)

paul came out with SO much energy,
i cannot believe how incredible he sounded, he just turned 68!
he had so much energy, and played SOOOOO long and so many instruments!

he was absolutely charming between songs,
it was so cool listening to him tell stories about the beatles, jimi hendrix, eric clapton and his life up until now.
he made everyone laugh and was such a delight!

he had so many cute little things to say between songs!

some of my favourite moments of the show -

* paul playing his song that he wrote for john lennon "here today" - if you don't know it, you need to!
he explained that sometimes you wish you said so many things to someone, and then they pass away, and they are gone forever and there are so many things left unsaid.
he said lets here it for john and the entire place erupted.
i was balling my eyes out at this point!
i literally had chills the whole entire song.
it's such a beautiful song, i love it.

* when paul played blackbird, he screwed up the verse and the chorus! afterwards he said, not sure if anyone noticed but i totally just screwed up, he was joking about all the signs in the crowd, and how when you are trying to play guitar and sing you say to yourself "don't read the signs, don't read the signs" but you can't help it!
so he read a few signs out loud...
one said - paul, can you teach me how to play piano?
& paul said yeah sure of course! come on over to my house and i will teach ya!
another one said - can i have your guitar pick? and he said of course you can!
& one said - my dad drove me 2000 km to hug a beatle!
& later on at the end of the night...
paul got that girl up on stage and hugged her!
annnnd gave that other girl his pick.

* paul playing piano and singing let it be - my 3rd and final time crying during the show! it was absolutely, positively beautiful.

* playing the longest set of all time ; honestly pete and i were sooo happy, and near the end we kept saying - please don't be the last song, please don't be the last song ..
and it never seemed to be! paul just kept going and going and it was terrific!

* paul got out his ukulele which was one he had from the 60's - he told a story about how once he went over to george harrisons house, and he was always really good at the ukulele, and he told him he had learned one of his songs, and he played it for him, and that song was something - and paul played it for us. one of my favourite beatles songs..
another moment of chills

* when the show was finally over, and paul came out for his first encore (yeah that's right, there was two!)
when he came back out he was waving an ontario flag and running all around the stage, it was so cute!
he played 4 songs and then we thought for sure the night was over, after leaving again...we still had a bit of hope!
and believe it or not - paul came back out for more, after playing 3 songs in his first encore!
his first song during his second encore was yesterday,
oh how i loveeee that song!!!

* when paul played ob-li-di-ob-la-da he had the entire crowd singing and he said it was the first time he had played that song in canada, how cool is that? i loved it live!

* a day in the life/give peace a chance was SOOOO good, the back drop turned into a giant peace sign and everyone was singing. in that moment i felt SOOOO happy!!!

* other fav songs of the night ;;
all my loving!!!
the long and winding road
and i love her
i've just seen a face
paperback writer
live and let die
hey jude
day tripper
get back
helter skelter

when the show was finally over, which was the saddest moment EVER, the back dropped turned into a canadian flag, and then the flag turned blue - go leafs go! it was sooo awesome!

and the last words paul sang that night were
"and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make"

one of my favourite quotes of all time!
so fitting.

pete and i both got a program that has so much awesome stuff in it. needless to say it was one of the best nights of my life! i can die a happy woman knowing that i saw a beatle!

the best concert i have ever been to BY FAR,
i don't think anyone else could ever compare!

here is the set list !!! ;;

1. Venus and Mars / Rockshow

2. Jet

3. All My Loving

4. Letting Go

5. Drive My Car

6. Highway

7. Let Me Roll It

8. The Long And Winding Road

9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

10. Let ‘Em In

11. My Love

12. I’ve Just Seen A Face

13. And I Love Her

14. Blackbird

15. Here Today

16. Dance Tonight

17. Mrs Vandebilt

18. Eleanor Rigby

19. Something

20. Sing The Changes

21. Band On The Run

22. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

23. Back In The USSR

24. I’ve Got A Feeling

25. Paperback Writer

26. A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance

27. Let It Be

28. Live And Let Die

29. Hey Jude


30. Day Tripper

31. Lady Madonna

32. Get Back

Second Encore

33. Yesterday

34. Mull Of Kintyre

35. Helter Skelter

36. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / The End


  1. Ya, I am too Jealous! SO jealouse!
    Sounds like an amazing time! Loved reading the post ;D

  2. AMAZING!!
    You don't know how much I wish I was you right now!!!
    Thanks for the detailed description, it sounds absolutely perfect :) :)
    I've just seen a face is my absolute favorite song... :)
    xo, Jamie

  3. Sounds like an amazing night!!! Reading this makes me really wish I would've're one lucky girl! :)

  4. I loved this post! I loved all the details you gave us!!! Maybe I didn't get the chance to go but it was awesome to read about your experience. Hopefully one day, just maybe, I can see him play live, if he ever does another show!

    Now all I want to do is listen to the beatles! you just reminded me of all the wonderful songs they have ;)
    thanks =)

  5. i'm so jealous!
    that's so amazing :)

  6. yayayayayayay!!! thats so awesome :]

  7. thanks for sharing! so much wonderful in this post. I love all of the photos and the stories about how he gave the girls a hug and a guitar pic. And for telling us every moment where you cried. Sounds like once in a lifetime!

  8. WHOA! 36 songs?! The concert sounds like it was AMAZING! I'm so glad you got to go. :) The only complaint I have is the go leafs go thing! Haha. GO HABS GO! :)

  9. ohmyhat.
    you are so so so lucky!
    i would sell everything (almost) that i own to have gone!
    the beatles.
    = legend.
    i have all their records (yes, actual records...) and and and...they are amazing. hence the title of my blog:D :D (strawberry fields forever).
    are AMAZING and have thee most awesome, awesome taste.

    i am so glad to have come across your blog.
    it's stunning.
    in more words than one.



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