August 31, 2010

september where are you?

so true,
i love this.

last day of august.
& i am sooooo ready for september!
it's been HOT here the last few days and to be honest...i just want it to cool off and be autumn-like - but apparently this hot weather may drag on.

so i have been slacking at blogging in general lately,
but also doing my blog segments,
like today for example is
tuesday - a photo that makes me smile ;;

me & one of my besties, peter - at business woman's special.
i love him, a lot!

& since i love september so much,
and want to get back into the groove of blogging daily...
and staying creative!
i've decided that for the month of september i will take a photo a day of something beautiful -
beauty, love, inspiration and creativity is everywhere, you just need to find it.
so since i love the month of september, and am a firm believer that there is something
amazing and beautiful that happens every day, everywhere - i will post a photo on my blog.
(i know some days i may not have time etc, but i will take a photo every day for the month!)

can't wait to find beauty!

also - i am brining back...

ok honestly, how perfect are these? i love the colours, and i just wanna have a tea party!!!


  1. omg cupcakes those are adorable. like perfect little flowers in the wild. love them!

  2. welcome to the picture a day project!! its so much fun to see the world (even in the simplest things)in beauty and capture it in a photo.
    i look forward to your shots!

  3. So fun..Can't wait to see all your photos.
    Where did those cupcakes?! They look like real flowers. So pretty!

  4. Oh I love the photo :) so cute :D

  5. Well, you got your wish! It's coooooooold! Haha. I like it though. It has been waaay too hot around here lately. That photo is super cute of you and your friend! And those cupcakes! AH! SO PRETTY.


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