September 30, 2010


first off-
happy 50th anniversary to the flintstones!!!♥
i have always loved the show and all the characters:)
i remember when i was little i used to come home from school for lunch to watch!
also, flintstones christmas special is one of my favourites:)
go to GOOGLE today & see the flintstones cuteness
in other news! -
the lovely and beautiful michelle from miss mixtape,
is doing this incredible blog segment all about women, confidence, self esteem and beauty...
it's called LOVE YOU MORE!
she's featured a bunch of beautiful, inspiring women on her blogs so far..
& now she is featuring me!
i can't believe it. i am so honoured she asked me to do this!
it's such an amazing idea, and i think it's an extremely important topic
her blog is so adorable and she is as sweet as pie
please check her out if you haven't already:)


  1. Loved the story! Your to cute..

  2. i read it :) good job!

    also...i used to come home for lunch and watch flintstones too. that and leave it to beaver (during commercial breaks on the flintstones)

  3. thanks tammy baby!!! xo

    and OMG carly, ME TOO!!!!!! haha

  4. Congrats on your feature! It was quite inspiring.

  5. :) I love the things you find and love! We've been watching the Flintstones )and scoobydoo) alot on Boomerang - no commercials ;) it's great!

  6. Aw, awesome! I'm off to check it out. :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)