September 2, 2010

is it just me? or is anyone else too lazy to enter most giveaways?
haha, i love them. they are great..
but sometimes, i just think - nahhh, that'll take me WAY too long!
i need to start entering more often.
i'm gonna!


  1. Sometimes I see a giveaway I want to enter but get discouraged by the *hubdreds* that have entered already. I'm going to take a chance and try my luck next time. You just never know!

  2. LOL, I just posted a link to a bunch in my last post! So go for it! ;)

  3. haha i never enter one that makes you go all over to do this and that to enter. takes too much time and i don't have enough as it is lol

    BUT i have a giveaway going on right now and all you have to do is leave a comment ;)

  4. haha, yeah, i'm sometimes lazy like that too :) and i agree with melly...everyone should enter her giveaway! it is awesome :)

  5. sometimes i'm too lazy. but othertimes i'm like ooh this is so cute, what if i win!? hahaha.

  6. i'll enter if you just have to leave a comment or follow the blog but if it's like "go to this shop and leave them a comment and tell me what you like best from their shop" sometimes i won't enter unless i realllly love what they are giving away. i've won 3 giveaways this summer so i consider myself pretty lucky and try to enter as many as possible!

  7. hahahaha i agree everyone...
    and yessss if all i have to do is leave a comment i am SOOOO in.
    melly kay's i comeee


  8. I totally agree! You have to do like 500 things just for one entry and yeah I get discouraged that there is like over a hundred entries already in! haha :)


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