September 27, 2010

it's been a gloomy monday,
but today was my day off & i got some stuff done.
did some groceries, and cleaning..
& now i am having a tea.
going to sarah's tonight to do laundry!
i don't have anything exciting to blog about,
except here are a few recent photo's i wanted to share with you darlings!

* this was taken at a bbq for my sis-in-law. amy's backyard is like a secret garden! love it.
* my new head band, taken hmmm 2 weeks ago?

* world famous sachel! i am in love with it!
* red keds :) got these for 20 bucks a few weeks ago when pete and i were in kensington!
* cutest moment of all life. my grandpa helping baby sofie put her doll's dress on! omfg, aww.
* me and my dream boy!♥
* it's toque weather! hooray!
blah monday, blah.


  1. I LOVE your red shoes & that headband!!

  2. "omfg, aww" hahah. It is precious.

    You look so cute! Love that headband. :]

  3. the red shoes are great, your grandpa is adorable (aren't grandparents the greatest!) and i love your hair. it looks amazing!

  4. WHERE did you find that world famous bag?? i have been searccccching for months. i originally wanted a beige backpack (like i used to have from like grade 5 on and would decorate/colour) and i couldn't even find any on ebay or etsy!!!!!

  5. You're so pretty. And I looove the backyard photo! So gorgeous! Adorable photo of your grandpa. :) Sooooooo sweet!

    Ughh I wanna go to Kensington Market so badly!! I don't even know the next time I'm going to Toronto... bummer!

  6. Your hair looks so sleek, shiny and soft! I want to touch it! Haha.
    You're just the cutest!

  7. aww, thanks jamie!

    thanks bebe bird, you are the cutest ever:)

    thanks elycia! i love grandparents, they rule.
    & thanks but my hair will never be as cute as yours!

    carlyyyy, i kinda don't want to tell you because i want to get you one for christmas but if you can't wait then i will tell you! hehe i was looking for one for a while too, i am so in love with it!

    holly! you are such a doll. thanks love... and you need to go to kensington soon!it's the best. xoxo

    thanks jenny...i am lovingggg it right now!


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